Arnaud Di Nunzio

A goddammit UX designer.

Arnaud Di Nunzio A goddammit UX designer. Or 🍹

Hi, my name is Arnaud Di Nunzio a.k.a aqro. I'm a playful designer based in Namur (Belgium) who loves create meaningful projects as simple, awesome and mostly easy to use.

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01. Experience

  • Freelance march 2012 — present

    Design, illustration, frontend & backend development on several different projects.

  • Teacher january 2013 — september 2017

    at Ecole Superieure d'Infographie Albert Jacquard

    Teaching webdesign, usability (by practise), typography, design process. I have to prepare some workshops about mobile design and - as we called it - interface laboratory.
  • Lead Designer november 2013 — august 2014


    Global redesign of the plateform and improvement of the entire brand identity. Design and a little bit of frontend development.
  • Digital Designer march 2012 — october 2013

    at Bureau347

    Ubber team spirit and big projects. Mostly design and frontend development.

02. Education

École Supérieure d'Infographie Albert Jacquard

Graduated with distinction in June 2011

03. Awards & Publications

2010 - winner of the day on csswinner

2011 - interview for advancedcreation

04. Some projects

Design, frontend & backend dev.

This is a personal project made to help designers who are looking for specific guidelines. It's just a one page with links but it's useful. Everything in one place to be as fast as possible.

Check it live website

Design & UX.

It's a big social network to help climbers to know each others. I had to redesign the entire website from scratch. It was a real huge challenge.

Check it live

Design & UX.

I currently work on as a side project. This platform is a kind of big node for every news in the video game field. The main aim was to improve the whole UI and avoid to create any UX issue.

Coming soon

05. Playground

My final school project

It's not really a client project but I have a lot of fun in thinking this project from the beginning. It's an intranet to make life easier for students and teachers at ESIAJ. I made design, frontend and backend development in collaboration with Raphael Larrinaga.

Check it live

Dashboard Now

It's just a one-page bringing all the information around a subject or a person (For the example, the school ESIAJ. Yep I love it). The main objective was to link every account you have and get a web profile which contains all your activity around your social networks.

This particular case was interesting because you could get the weather plus the activity of all students (not only a person).

I'd like to develop this idea but I don't have the knowledge neither the time.

Cloud photo icon

When the realism and skeuomorphism was cool (at least a century), I made this icon just for practise and to be in popular page on dribbble.

All in vain.

Personal icon set

Yup. I like icons. And the work of Nicholas Felton inspired me a lot. So the main aim of this set was to make a data visualization with some of my good and bad habits. Plus some icons for a possible future portfolio.

Of course, I never did both of them.

More projects on Behance

06. Recommendations

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    Imminent Ned.

    Brace yourself, Arno is coming.

  • Gerald Matthews

    A guy i paid.

    He looks like a hipster but he's cool.

  • Doge


    So impressed. Good looking. Wow. Such ideas. Well design.

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